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Get Results in Your Art & Life
A Personal Invitation from Joey


Do you want to experience real results in your art and in your life with God? Do you want greater creative flow in your life as an artist?

The Grove has designed the Cultivated Artist Experience to be a transformative year in Christian community with artists who love God and love art.

Get the results you want. Apply today.

Creative Christian Community

In our four Gatherings, Getaway Artist Retreats and monthly video conference calls, you will experience new friendships and great conversations in creative Christian community. As you create your own artistic goals, you receive a balance of challenge and support to achieve them. 

Cultivating Your Spiritual Life

The Grove walks alongside artists to help them discover their identity as a beloved son or daughter of God as we explore what it means to be on a creative and spiritual journey. We specifically explore how the spiritual life of an artist integrates with the quality and output of their creative work.

Producing More Artistic Work

Whether you are a musician, visual artist, writer, photographer, dancer, filmmaker or artist of any discipline, The Grove is committed to artists excelling in their craft by setting tangible goals with our CPR Goal-Setting Process, developing greater focus and eliminating the barriers that limit an artist's true creative potential.

Creative Funding Options

For cash-strapped artists, some of you may be wondering, "So how am I going to pay for this?" If you're accepted, The Grove can create a scholarship on your behalf so your family and friends can make tax-deductible gifts for you to participate. The Grove is a 501c3 non-profit organization.
(Scholarships available.)

Do You Want to Achieve Your Creative Goals
and Produce More Art?

All of the artists in the Cultivated Artist Experience set tangible and specific one-year goals through The Grove's CPR Goal-Setting Process. Monthly video conference calls measure progress and troubleshoot roadblocks.

Enjoy this slideshow of works produced by some of the visual artists and photographers in our 2017-2018 Cultivated Artist Experience. (Barb Gomez, Deb Burroughs, Lynda Cheeley, Karen Horner, Nicola Augustson, Jim McNeil & Cyndie Woodbury)

What If You Spent A Whole Year Cultivating Your Spiritual Life & Creative Work?

How might this experience transform your faith, your art and your life?

The Cultivated Artist Experience is uniquely designed to give artists of all disciplines the opportunity and space to intentionally cultivate their spiritual life and creative work.
The Cultivated Artist Experience will provide you Christian community, the spiritual formation of your heart, soul and mind and a dynamic creative environment to develop your artistic gifts. You will enjoy healthy, nutritious meals made by our gourmet chef.
In 2017/2018, you will participate in two One-Day Grove Gatherings & two Grove Getaway Retreats (4 days) and monthly video conference calls.
During this one-year experience, you will select your creative focus and develop artistic goals for the coming year, which you'll share with your fellow artists. If you are looking for a community experience with deeply committed artists, we invite you to apply today.

Our 2017-2018 meeting dates are:
Sept 28-Oct 1 Getaway #1 (Thursday-Sunday)
January 20 Gathering #1 (Saturday)
March 22-25 Getaway #2 (Thursday-Sunday)
June 9 Gathering #2 (Saturday)
The cost for the entire year is only $950.00
In comparison to other conferences, retreats and artist cohort groups, we keep the price very affordable. Scholarships options available.

What Are Your Creative Dreams?

  • Write new songs & record a CD?
  • Create a new series of paintings?
  • Write, direct or film a new movie?
  • Choreograph a new dance or show?
  • Develop an arts organization
  • Create assemblage art?
  • Shoot a body of work?
  • Become a better actor?
  • Learn animation or graphic design?
  • Write a novel, book, play or screenplay?
  • Sculpt? Throw pottery? Design jewelry?

Cultivated Artist FAQ

1. The Cultivated Artist program is designed to help you thrive in your spiritual and creative life.

2. It's not a conference or big church thing. It's simple, small, intentional and relational.

3. There are 4 meetings in the year: Two One-Day Gatherings & 2 Getaway Retreats. If you travel from out of state, your presence is required at each meeting. We do not Skype artists "in". 

4. You select your creative focus and create artistic goals for the year. You will provide updates and make presentations about your art to your fellow artists.

5. You determine what kind of challenge, feedback and support you'd like from the group.

6. You are expected to be "All In." You are committing to participate in each meeting. You and everyone in the group benefits by your full participation. That said, we do recognize there are births, deaths, and illness. If you are unable to make a meeting, you still have access to all materials and resources. For any unforeseeable circumstances you are unable able to attend a Getaway or Gathering, you will still have access to all of the materials. However, we do not prorate or refund the cost of any absences.

7. To keep us connected in-between meetings, there will be a monthly video conference call and a private Facebook group to provide updates and to share your work.

8. This is not an Artist-In-Residency program.

9. You are responsible for your own travel. For artists traveling for the two One-Day Gatherings, we will do our best to offer the option of free overnight housing with a local family to keep costs down.

10. You will have shared housing and meals in community. In some cases, individual rooms may be available at an additional cost.

"The Cultivated Artist Experience reminded me of who I am created to be by God, that what He planted in long ago still lives, still is true and still can be. I now realize deeply that He has been preparing me all the time for what is ahead. The Getaways and Gatherings were just right."

Linda Binley

Questions? Request an Appointment

We know you may have a lot of questions about the Cultivated Artist Experience. Email us to set a personal phone appointment. We'd love to answer your questions.

Apply for the Cultivated Artist Experience

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