Get Your Free Gift - The 7 Simple Questions You Must Ask to Achieve Your Creative Dreams

What Would Jesus Say to Artists?

What would Jesus say to artists today? It's an intriguing question, isn't it? 

What would Jesus say about your life? Your heart? Your craft? Your creative calling as an artist?

In this Grove Online Class, Joey O'Connor and Roy Cochran will explore what Jesus might say to six key areas of an artist's life. We cover these six areas that apply to every artist's life...what we call 'buckets' to take a look inside. In each bucket, we ask a number of important questions...

Inside the Six Buckets...

  • The Relational Bucket: Does Jesus really care about artists?
  • The Emotional Bucket: How Do You Handle Fear, Doubt & Adversity?
  • The Character Bucket: How Do You Cultivate Your Spiritual Life?
  • The Calling Bucket: Is Art Your Passion, Calling or Vocation?
  • The Craft Bucket: How Serious Do You Take the Importance of Craft?
  • The Worship Bucket: Do You View Your Art as a Gift and Act of Worship?

Join Joey and Roy for a stimulating and insightful conversation. Who knows? Jesus just might have something to say to you.


  • The full one-hour audio webinar.
  • A downloadable PDF if you'd like to take notes!
  • Free Access to Participate in the Class Q & A Forum

All this for only $9.99... you can watch this Grove Class as many times as you like!