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Do you want to experience greater focus and creative flow as you pursue your dreams? Listen in with Joey O'Connor from The Grove Center for the Arts & Media.


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The 7 Simple Questions You Must Ask To Achieve Your Creative Dreams

What are the 7 Questions?

At The Grove Center for the Arts & Media, we have seen amazing results in the lives of artists who unlock their greatest hopes, dreams and desires.

The 7 Simple Questions You Must Ask to Achieve Your Creative Dreams by Joey O'Connor gives you a practical and penetrating questions to help you become the artist you're designed to be. Enter your email to get your free copy.

Share it with a friend. Use it in your artist gathering, church creative team or company. Re-ignite your dreams!

Some Day is No Day

The 7 Simple Questions will inspire you to act now to pursue your creative dreams.

Questions Inspire Change

In The 7 Simple Questions, we give you plenty of space to dream, reflect, ask questions, and make plans to achieve your creative dreams.

BONUS Questions!

At The Grove, we like asking a lot of questions. To sweeten this Free Gift, we threw in BONUS questions to create an action plan for you!

About The Grove...

The Grove Center for the Arts & Media is a Southern California 501c3 non-profit arts organization. Our mission is to cultivate the spiritual life and creative work of artists. Visit us our website at


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